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All about me...

I must have been born with a creative soul because as long as I can remember I have expressed myself through art. I haven’t found anything as fulfilling as bringing to life the ideas that are usually jumping around in my head. My work for the last 5 years revolves around taking something old, something that revisits the happiness of our youth, and turning it into something we can once again use. While being able to keep my art inexpensive the smile it brings to those who wander into my booth is priceless. Life is hard, we work at home, we work at our job place, and it is a wonderful feeling to know that while my customers are with me they are taken away from all that, back to a simpler time, a time of books and games and that special band that made us feel so good. Some call it recycling, and with today’s green friendly attitude this aspect of my work has become important. With each object I give a second life to, I feel great satisfaction. I know that the right person for that handbag is just around the corner, waiting to go back in time, waiting to smile.

Contact Gina, via phone; 708-825-3273

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